Spaghetti con Germe di Grano


Products with Tuscan durum wheat semolina, handcrafted, bronze drawn and dried at low temperature. They are distinguished by the presence of wheat germ inside them, the heart of the wheat grain, rich in flavor and active and nutritious ingredients. Normally during the grinding of the grain of wheat, the germ is removed, to facilitate the conservation of the flours. Pastificio Morelli, through the use of artisan techniques, manages to reinsert it, because it works fresh immediately. After years of using wheat germ, the Antico Pastificio Morelli has managed to obtain a pasta with an extraordinary and unmistakable flavour. During cooking, an intense aroma of wheat is released and the water is slightly tinged with green due to the presence of fresh wheat germ. They have a cooking time of only 8 minutes, are porous, consistent and tasty on the palate. They are ideal with light sauces based on fish and vegetables.

Area: Pisa;

Format: 500 gr;

Category Producer