The “Muffato Bolgherese”. Muffato wine that comes from our Vermentino vineyard in Bolgheri. Harvested by hand in November in the presence of Nobile Mold (Botrytis cinerea), which develops on the Vermentino bunches located in a specific part of vineyards, thanks to the favourable climatic conditions, typical of the area in autumn, nocturnal dew, morning mist and sunny afternoon.

Area: Bolgheri;

Blend: Vermentino;

Winemaking: In steel vats;

Refinement: In new French oak barrels;

Color: Brilliant crystalline of intense golden yellow colour;

Bouquet: Very fine on the nose with a beautiful complexity, notes of dry jasmine flower, hay, honey, walnut and cedar are felt. Very intense and delicate, there are notes of candied fruit such as apricot, date and figs. Very soft note of cream and spice of nutmeg;

Taste: Nice acidity, sweet components balanced by the fresh ones. Structured wine, beautiful sapidity and minerality that encourage the sip. Long and persistent finish in the mouth;

Gradation:13,5% Vol.;

Format: 0,35 l;

1 Bottle of Fucchia Vermentino IGT Costa Toscana Free for You!

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